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Curso Entrenador Oficial Spartan Race SGX

… Ya no tienes excusas 
Spartan Race SGX trae a España el curso oficial de certificación de entrenadores Spartan Race SGX. 
 Este curso será impartido por el co-fundador de Spartan Race Joe di Stefano.
Podrás disfrutar de un 10% de descuento solo por ser seguidor nuestro usando el siguiente código: RAFA10
No esperes más, las plazas son limitadas. Sólo podrás inscribirte para realizar este curso oficial  en: 
El curso se realizara en: 
Barcelona,  6 y 7 de septiembre del 2014. 
Madrid,  13 y 14 de Septiembre del 2014. 
El precio es de 550USD (407€ según el cambio del día 12 de Junio) 
Aprende todo lo que tienes que saber para convertirte en un entrenador oficial Spartan Race SGX y poder ayudar a otros a superar una Spartan Race de modo oficial. 
Y recuerda utilizar tu código descuento RAFA10 para obtener una rebaja del 10%. 
Curso homologado y recomendado por Rafa Diez, Primer Spartan Race X Coach de España. 
rafa diez
Spartan coaching was born from the fire and barbed wire of Spartan Race. We are an organized group of top trainers and coaches who have the sole mission of ripping 75 million people off of their couches and guiding them towards a Spartan lifestyle.

Spartan Coaching’s SGX Certification begins with a mandatory two-day instructional workshop where you will gain the foundational knowledge and insight necessary to successfully run Spartan SGX classes at your health club or business. Included in this two day seminar are:

  • An in depth interpretation of The Seven Pillars of Spartan Training
  • A thorough investigation into the physical demands and risks placed on a Spartan Race competitor
  • Program design which includes several distinct styles of workouts, equipment needs, acute variables, and periodization
  • Nutritional guidelines including how to periodize nutritional strategies based on the current health and fitness levels
  • Hands-on application of lessons learned in lecture
  • Practical examination to prove that you possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities to carry out the SGX mission 
  • 16 hrs. of continuing education credit
  • An online, 100 question Final Exam following the workshop to become certified

Prerequisites for Certification:

  • Current CPR Certification
  • Current Accredited Fitness Certification
Spartan Coaching has two certifications:
Level 2: Spartan Coach. The SGX certification is one of the prerequisites to become a Spartan Coach. We are establishing locations across the country for the SGX workshop and certification. The Spartan Coach certification will be held twice each year in Pittsfield, VT.

+ What are the prerequisites to become Spartan Group X (SGX) certified?

There are no prerequisites to attend the workshop. However, to become a Certified instructor and have the ability to market and train others for Spartan Race, you must meet the prerequisites listed below and have a passing score on the Online Certification Exam within 90 days of the 2-Day workshop.

  1. Current personal trainer or group exercise instructor certification
  2. Current CPR/AED certification
Once you become SGX certified, Spartan Coaching will send you a list of prerequisites and instructions on how to become a Spartan Coach.

+ I am not a coach or a trainer, can I still attend a workshop?

The SGX workshop is open to anyone who is interested in the Spartan Group X program. Only those who have the prerequisites can take the exam and become certified.

+ How much does it cost and where do I sign up?

The cost of the 2 day course is $495 in the US and $595 abroad unless otherwise noted by the special pricing icon. You may notice that once you add the workshop to your order the cost is slightly less – this is temporary as once the registration fees are added in at the end of your transaction it will return to the original quoted cost. Registration fees are non-refundable for any reason. Click here to visit our course calendar and find a course near you.

+ Are continuing education credits provided?

Yes we are approved by ACE for 1.4 CECs.

+ Why should I become SGX certified?

You will earn continuing education credits, be promoted on the Spartan Coaching web page, and join a like-minded community of coaches that promote the Spartan lifestyle.

+ Why should I become a Spartan Coach?

Becoming a Spartan Coach isn’t for everyone. The prerequisites are extensive, the exam is intense, and the selection process is rigorous. But if you achieve this credential you will be recognized as one of the best coaches worldwide. Our certified Spartan Coaches will be able to run SGX courses at their clubs.

+ Who developed the SGX workshop and content?

SGX was developed by a group of top trainers and coaches including individuals with extensive knowledge in sports science, training and conditioning, sport psychology, military and combat fitness, yoga, and health and wellness. The Spartan Coaching Board and Roundtable regularly participate in ultraendurance events such as Ironman triathlon, adventure races, ultramarathons, and of course the Spartan Ultra Beast and Death Race.

+ What do I need to do renew my SGX certification?

SGX is certification must be renewed each year. The renewal fee is $95.00 per year and each certified coach must submit evidence of 8 hours of continuing education.





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