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Luna Sandals & Almudena Lara in Spartan Race

Luna 1

Long time ago I had to write a review of Luna Sandals for Tom Norwood about my thoughts using them .. and imagine what better situation to test them running the Spartan Race…

What I can say? It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life … An obstacle race like Spartan Race is a perfect place where using. I did the Sprint version, to test them before Super mode… but certainly, in future editions I’m not going to think twice before user my amazing Luna Sandals to enjoy the race.

Luna 2Everyone told me I was crazy: it was an obstacle race course, It was not on the beach !! … What  do you know about Luna?  I thought … And as they passed the obstacles, I showed everyone that certainly Lunas were the best choice.

They were adapted to all kinds of terrain, thanks to them, I could overcome  obstacles without problems, because theys clunged to the walls very well, with no mud extra weight … good flexibility and proper technique, perfect combination with Lunas.

Luna 3 Luna 4

I was little afraid, because although I used the tech strap, didn’t know how they would resist the mud pits. Maybe I would have to dig to recover them? as happened to many other participants… but when the first mud pit comes, it dissipated all my doubts … .. they grab very well and not loose anyway…

Luna 5 Luna 6

Although constantly covered with mud, it was evacuated very quickly, because Luna Sandals are so light and flexibles, mud gets moving and falls prior drying…so no extra weight, letting me running free dealing just with obstacles.

The final test was passing the cargo net, both horizontal and vertical … wonderful, like barefoot, adapting and holding all the ropes, allowing me to pass across them without difficulty.

And after the barbed wire, with a lot of mud, I had to climb a slippery 45º wall… water and mud included … Luna Sandals showed off what they were made … grabbed as if they had glue to the slippery wall. . not letting me fall even when I made a small mistake and lost stability … they stuck so much that they helped me correct my mistake and overcome the obstacle

Luna 7 Luna 8 Luna 9

 Once I jumped the finish line fire, many runners came to congratulate me, because running the Spartan Race is something great, and running with sandals as ancient and trueSpartans … is an achievement!

Luna 10

Thanks to Luna Sandals, Ted, Tom and all the tribe made it possible. I’m pretty sure that using other shoe I wouldn’t finish, and of course, not enjoyed so much …

Luna 11

And what I can tell about sensations?  So many !!… they let me “read” the terrain, protected my feet, grabbed great …

Luna Sandals has been overcome with this sandals…. definitely the best I’ve tried for that type of terrain, obstacles, mud …

I want to thank Tom Norwod for this wonderful gift, otherwise I wouldn’t had the opportunity to be the first person to finish a Spartan Race with Sandals Lunas !!

Thank you!





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